From Bitcoin to blockchain: What Do Key Crypto Mean?

The downward spiral of FTX and its former CEO, the ‘King of Crypto’, has attracted huge media consideration and thrust conversations about cryptocurrency again into the highlight. However for a lot of, the language of crypto – bitcoin, blockchain, crypto alternate – nonetheless stays cryptic. Fear not. For those who‘re listening to these phrases for … Read more

The Benefits Of Playing Sports Go Way Beyond Just Physical Fitness

You know that playing sports is great for your physical fitness, but what about the mental and emotional benefits?   When you play sports, you’re not just working your body, you’re also working your mind. You’re learning how to set goals and achieve them, how to handle disappointment and frustration, and how to deal with … Read more

Those 13 days when the threat of a nuclear war between America and Russia kept hovering

It was the era of the Cold War when there was a struggle for influence between the world’s two largest powers, the Soviet Union and the United States, a state based on communist ideology. Both the powers had aligned their allies for which every strategy including economic and defense cooperation was being used. During this … Read more

China has voted the agreement to declare Sajid Mir, who was allegedly involved in the Mumbai blasts, as a global terrorist.

China has voted the resolution regarding the designation of terrorist Sajid Mir, who was allegedly involved in the Mumbai blasts, as an international terrorist by the United Nations. The United States had proposed this in the United Nations, but China has rejected this proposal using the power of veto. China says it has been playing its … Read more

The Five 5 Most Entertaining Movies Of The Last Decade

You want to watch a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You want to laugh until your stomach hurts. Furthermore, you want to be transported to another world. We’ve got you covered.   Here are the 5 most entertaining movies of the last decade, according to us. The Dark Knight … Read more

Are Iranian soldiers helping Russia in ‘suicide’ drone strikes against Ukraine?

The US has claimed that Iran has sent military experts to Russian-controlled Crimea to assist in drone strikes against Ukraine. White House national security spokesman John Kirby has said that Iranian experts are providing training and technical assistance. It should be noted that Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was attacked on Monday by a kamikaze … Read more

The Trial Of The 9/11 Mastermind Is Still Pending After Two Decades

Even after more than two decades have passed since the arrest of the man believed to be the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, his case is mired in legal complications. As Sunday marks the 21st anniversary of the terrorist attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others accused of 9/11-related crimes … Read more

Elon Musk becomes the new owner of Twitter!

Elon Musk, the founder of the auto company ‘Tesla’ and the American space craft company ‘SpaceX’, has become the new owner of the micro-blogging site Twitter. According to the Reuters news agency, Elon Musk finalized the deal worth 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter on Thursday and he also explained the reasons for buying Twitter … Read more

Mid-term elections: Why is the election field decorated every two years in the United States?

Millions of voters will exercise their right to vote in the mid-term elections in the United States on November 8. According to experts, the American economy, the issue of abortion, gun control and foreign policy will be the focus of voters’ attention in these elections. Although these elections do not receive the same attention as … Read more