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Death of Mahsa Amini: Virtual Conference of Women Foreign Ministers in Canada on Protests in Iran

More than a dozen female foreign ministers from around the world are participating in a virtual meeting hosted by Canada to discuss measures taken against protesters in Iran, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said in a statement on Wednesday.

death of 22-year-old Mehsa Amini

Last month, the death of 22-year-old Mehsa Amini in the custody of the moral police in the capital of Iran, Tehran, has engulfed the entire country in a state of insecurity.

Mehsa Amini was arrested by the police on the charge that she did not cover her head hair as per the code prescribed by the government.

Melanie Jolie and 14 other female foreign ministers will hold a virtual meeting on Thursday, where women from Iranian culture will be heard while discussing the human rights situation in Iran, Canada’s foreign ministry said in a statement. will be brought

The meeting will discuss coordinating and scaling up the collective aid effort for the citizens of Iran.
Melanie Jolie has said that my female counterparts and I are gathering to send a clear message, and that is that the government of Iran must end all forms of violence, including aggression against people, especially women.
He said Canada stands with the brave and courageous citizens of Iran, who are fighting for their human rights and the rights of their mothers, wives and daughters.

Iran’s government has been constantly criticizing countries that support the protests. Tehran has been calling the statements of the governments of these countries interference in internal affairs.

The news agency “Reuters” has reported with reference to an official source that the foreign ministers of Germany, Chile, New Zealand and Norway are among the 14 female foreign ministers who will join the virtual conference hosted by Canada.

“Reuters” has said that other countries expected to participate in the meeting include Albania, Central African Republic, Chile, Iceland, Kosovo, Libya, Mongolia, Panama and other countries.
It should be noted that the United States and Canada are among the countries that have imposed sanctions against Iran.

Melanie Jolie also announced additional sanctions on Wednesday for human rights abuses in Iran, targeting four entities and six individuals, including Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister Majid Mir Ahmadi.

In Iran, the government has tried to portray the ongoing protests in the country as part of an insurgency by separatists from the Kurdish minority, rather than against the rule of a religious sect, which it says will lead to the country’s collapse. There are threats to unity.



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