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‘You have to see a doctor for life because it can come back’


A somewhat similar response was received by most girls when they were simply asked if they could self-examine.Some of these girls were either laughing or shy hearing the word breast.

Someone said that the family will not allow to discuss this topic, someone said that I do not have enough self-confidence to ‘talk about breast on TV’ even though these students were being asked about breast cancer. Not on the breast.

Hearing all these things, it seems that in the case of breast cancer, the focus of most people’s attention becomes ‘breast’ and talking about cancer is left somewhere far away.But there were also people who said that they not only learned to self-examine through social media, but also encouraged women in their homes to do the same.Every year October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide.

There is also a woman who has a history of breast cancer in her family and at the same time tried to find out why the cases of breast cancer are increasing so fast in Pakistan by talking to the doctors.

The number of these increasing cases is currently 26000 while 13500 deaths have been recorded so far.

Doctors say that breast cancer does not cause death, but if it is not diagnosed early and doctors are not consulted, then other diseases including breast cancer can attack and prove harmful and can lead to death.I didn’t believe that I could have this disease too.

Sofia experienced severe left breast pain in November 2020. On showing to the doctor, it was found that there is an infection, but after conducting a biopsy, it was found that the breast cancer has occurred.Women in Sofia’s family have had breast cancer.

My grandmother’s sister died at the age of 40. He was operated on but died after some time. My grandmother got cancer at the age of 70. It happened to me two years ago and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the month of Ramadan this year.

Sofia said that despite having all these cases in the family, she “didn’t believe that she could have this disease too.”

On the other hand, Dr. Rehana Panjwani got breast cancer twice in the last ten years and she got rid of this disease both times through medicines and treatment.

I am completely cancer free now. My stomach scan did not diagnose cancer even though I am currently taking medication for treatment. In this disease you have to go to the doctor for life because this disease can come back.

As in her own case, eight years after her first diagnosis and treatment, she was diagnosed with breast cancer again.

During this time my family was with me but with him I worked a lot on my ideas. Convincing myself and repeating over and over again that I will survive cancer was difficult at times, but I also tested my courage through this disease, which is very much in me.


Smoking or passive smoking is one of the causes of breast cancer.

There can be many reasons for the development of breast cancer, intermarriage in the family is one of the reasons, and especially if there is a history of cancer in the family, this also increases the tendency.

Talking about the causes of breast cancer, Dr. Ayesha, Head of Department of General Surgery at Indus Hospital, Karachi, said that ‘this includes smoking which is called ‘passive smoking’ i.e. what you don’t do yourself. But they are present in the place where cigarette smoke is reaching you. It can also lead to breast cancer.

He said that eating a lot of processed foods, or eating processed meat, not exercising, all these things also cause breast cancer.

Another thing that gets in the way of breast cancer awareness is misinformation about the disease.

First of all, the size or shape of the bra does not affect whether or not breast cancer occurs, Dr. Ayesha said.

Dr. Ayesha also said that using deodorant or perfume does not cause breast cancer. Even the needle used to diagnose breast cancer does not cause cancer.

He said that ‘breast cancer treatment is possible and it does not kill you and neither do you lose your breasts.’



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