What is special about Singapore’s “Gardens by the Bay”?

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You may have visited different parks in the world, but today we are taking you to a park which is not wrong if it is called the city of flowers, plants, trees and flora. This park is famous in Singapore. ‘Gardens by the Bay’ where the plants grown are not native to Singapore but from the Mediterranean Sea to the savannas and arid deserts of South Africa and other parts of the world.Due to the artificial cool temperate climate here, the flowers are always blooming. Designed to bring together the beauty of nature, the Flower Dome Conservatory holds the Guinness World Record for the largest glass greenhouse.

Visiting this modern mega-structure is a must-see on the list of visitors to Singapore for sightseeing as it is a one-of-a-kind example of horticulture and garden art, opening a new chapter of wonder for visitors.

A multidisciplinary team of local and international experts, including landscape designers, horticulturists, plant engineers, are working to make Gardens by the Bay a world-class botanical garden and keep it fresh. Manages plant research and orchid breeding along with health, garden and turf. A virtual tour of the garden is also organized to give the best experience to the visitors.

As soon as a tourist plans to visit the site and purchase tickets online, they are advised to download the Kingfisher’s Wetland Tour App, which guides the tourist from entering Gardens by the Bay to exiting the site. Will give information about where he will step during the tour.

“Gardens by the Bay” came about after an international master plan design competition in January 2006. 174 companies from more than 24 countries submitted their designs, of which two British companies’ designs were approved. Garden City was formed.

You feel a little cooler as you walk through the park’s Flower Dome, which has glass with a special coating that absorbs as much light as possible for the plants, but reduces heat considerably. The roof is equipped with sensor-operated retractable sails that provide shade to the plants when it gets too hot. Apart from this, the park also has an arrangement to keep the ground cool in case of high crowds.

Apart from the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, the Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes also attract tourists. The lake system is designed to be an extension of the Marina Reservoir. Controlled by Water is purified by aquatic plants before being released into reservoirs and then used for irrigation.

Garden Bay

A diversity of aquatic plants, water circulation and aeration have also created habitats for fish and dragonflies that prevent potential problems such as mosquito breeding, over 200 mangrove trees and plants can be found in the Kingfisher Wetlands. Botanists and ecologists from all over the world come here to understand the innovative system of Gardens by the Bay so that they can try to introduce it in their countries.

Visitors also get to see 11 supertrees, which appear to be branches of plants growing on a tall tower but are also connected to our environment. Most of the tourists who come here get lost in the beauty of this park. They are provided with attractive scenes to take pictures in the park.

With all these, the garden is a goldmine for those interested in botanical ecosystem knowledge.

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