Why do eyes become dry. Want to Know the Reasons?

When a person goes through a pain or an emotional state, tears often come to his eyes. But if a person’s eyes do not produce tears or their eyes dry quickly, it can also be a sign of an illness.

Dry or dehydrated eyes are a common condition. How can it be avoided? To know this, it is important to know the symptoms of this disease first.

According to the National Eye Institute (NEI), a subsidiary of the US Department of Health, if someone has itchy, burning eyes, confusion or blurred vision, these symptoms point to dry eye.

According to the institute, this condition can happen to anyone. But some people are at higher risk, especially women or people who are 50 years of age or older.

According to the NEI, people who use contact lenses are at risk of developing conditions like dry eye. In addition, people who reduce the consumption of ‘vitamin A’ in their diet may also be at risk of this disease.

Ophthalmologist and surgeon Dr. Thomas Dolman wrote in an article in ‘Harvard Health Publishing’ that “Dry eye is a complex condition and there is no clear cure for this disease. But we can improve the condition.” ”

According to him, there are two types of this disease. The first type is the one in which the ability of the eyes to produce tears as needed is reduced. While the other type is one in which the eye produces tears but they quickly disappear or dissolve in the air.”

Dr. Thomas Dolman said that both types have the same symptoms.

According to the National Eye Institute, dry eyes can be caused by spending too much time on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

How to get relief from dry eye condition?


In the article published in Harvard Health Publishing, in the case of loss of moisture in the eyes, some suggestions have been given which can be followed to get relief in this condition.

Dr. Thomas Dolman suggests that applying a cloth soaked in wet or lukewarm water to the eyes can improve the amount of tears in the eyes.

Experts say that sitting in a dry, windy or smoky environment or in an air conditioner will not be conducive to this condition, so sitting in such an environment should be avoided.

In addition, a humidifier should be used in the room.

Additionally, experts suggest that such people keep themselves away from screens. Dr. Thomas Dolman says that when you spend a lot of time looking at a computer or mobile screen, you don’t blink. However, blinking is helpful for the tear system in the eyes.

Similarly, maximum consumption of water prevents the eyes from drying out.

However, if one does not get benefit despite these precautions, one should consult an ophthalmologist.

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